Setting up free conference calls keeps getting easier. But wants to make it easier still.

Just send an email to the people you want to talk to, and cc

You’ll immediately get an email response with a phone number and a PIN, as well as a link to use if you’re on a smartphone. The service, which sets no limit on the number of participants and requires no account, starts today. It had previously been available for the company’s approximately 750,000 existing customers.


Scheduling one for later involves setting up a calendar event and inviting your participants as well as Not a lot of effort, but comparable to using Microsoft Outlook or other calendar-based conference schedulers to set up conference calls.

But if you’re ready to talk right now, AnyMeeting may be the fastest way short of having everyone you know on a continuously open audio channel.

“No one else is offering this” for conference call users without existing accounts, CEO and founder Costin Tuculescu told me. He noted that Meetupcall in the U.K. provides a similar service, but only¬†for account holders.

Although we have a variety of ways these days to meet remotely, he pointed out that “phone conferencing is still the dominant conference,” with nine phone meetings for every web conference.

Similarly, if you want to set up a free Web conference — with video, chat, screen sharing, and file sharing — you can send an email to your participants and cc

Using email eliminates “the need for you to leave your workflow,” Tuculescu said.