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There are easily more than 2,000 products available in the martech ecosystem.

That’s about 1,999 more than most marketers want to think about.

Now it may be unrealistic to think that one marketing cloud can cover every need, but we realized marketers need help in separating the wheat from the chaff. To make sense of the confusion, one of our recent VB Insight reports investigated 18 marketing clouds in five different buckets.

While marketing clouds set out to give you a one-stop marketing command center, bringing you all the functionality you need in one place, in one system of record, with one unified profile of your customers, the outcomes aren’t always what you expect.

You could spend some time digging into the full 120-page report, or you could set your schedule for this one-hour webinar where we’ll share the major outcomes of our research: who the winners are, and the not-so-winning entries and what kind of marketing cloud is best for what size and types of companies — for enterprise, midmarket, small companies, and startups.

We’ll talk about Adobe, IBM, Salesforce and others targeting the enterprise-first market — those that offer the most complete set of full features and extra functionality.

We dig into the ‘grown-up marketing automation platforms’ — those companies that started out as marketing automation systems, but have evolved significantly and include companies like Marketo.

Then there are the single-platform multi-use platforms built for a single defined purpose such as personalization, customer experience, or omnichannel. We’re speaking of companies like SDL, Sitecore, Sailthru, and AgilOne.

Proto-clouds have some great potential but can’t quite be considered full marketing cloud solutions. They have some powerful capabilities, but still are growing into their full set of wings. These are companies like Neustar, Redpoint, and Tealium.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • What’s a marketing cloud, anyways?
  • Features of marketing clouds, and which ones are most and least used
  • Marketing cloud penetration data, including who is using them
  • The 5 different kinds of marketing clouds
  • Vendors’ scores on 12 different categories
  • VB’s “best bet” marketing clouds for enterprise, midmarket, small companies, and startups
  • At look at marketing cloud ROI


John Koetsier, VP of Research, VB Insight John leads VB Insight’s team of analysts and researchers and brings a long background in technology and marketing: building sites, apps, and companies, and have been a full-time digital journalist. I’ve built social sites, managed local search sites, built mobile apps. And I’ve managed teams creating software for partners like Intel and Disney. In addition, he’s managed product families with over $75M in annual revenues, and successfully run international bizdev, closing 6-figure contracts with F100 companies.

Kristina Wallender, VP of Marketing, Ticketfly Before joining Ticketfly, Kristina spent 6 years at in B2B and B2C Marketing and Operations leadership roles. She has deep experience in digital marketing, using data to send the right message to the right customer at the right time. She is passionate about helping businesses succeed with actionable, data-based insights and automated marketing. Kristina received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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