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In last month’s webinar on marketing clouds, VB’s VP of Research John Koetsier took a beneath-the-hood look at the utterly confusing array of cloud-based martech tools and platforms.

Confusing, but necessary.  Without technology today, you’ll never be able to identify the multiplicity of customer journeys leading to your company, nor will you be able to take advantage of the omnichannel reality that every significant company is experiencing right now.

No question, marketing has changed. It’s no longer about just pre-sales activity – it’s about the entire customer journey.

All told, there are about 2,000 products on the market. To make sense of this martech jungle, VB Insight investigated 18 of the leading marketing clouds. We looked at large, multi-purpose ones like Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle as well as newer single platforms such as Sailthru, Sitecore and AgilOne. The result is an exhaustive report, but in the hour-long webinar, this herculean effort was condensed down to some essential takeaways.

We evaluated marketing cloud providers on 12 different measures, 10 of which are completely or partially data-driven. We then scored each of these measures on a 10-point scale. The 12 measures include:

  1. Scope of solution
  2. Price
  3. Market penetration
  4. Vision
  5. Installation/implementation
  6. Parent company
  7. Usability
  8. Integration: internal
  9. Integration: external
  10. Innovation
  11. Full customer journey
  12. Efficacy

We also looked at the kinds of features that all these clouds offer – features such as geofencing support, point-of-sale integration, direct mail, multiple business location support and beacon support.

Of course, the big question is who’s wining? Then again, is that really the question?

While Adobe has the most complete marketing cloud solution on the market, with Oracle and SAP close behind, it doesn’t mean that these are the go-to solutions for all businesses.

The best solution for an enterprise organization isn’t the same as the best solution for a small company.

To learn what marketing cloud is best for your organization, have a listen to the archived webinar. You’ll come away with the skills needed to get through the martech cloud jungle.

Joining John for the webinar was Kristina Wallender, VP of Marketing at Ticketfly. Access the recent webinar here for free.

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