Team-messaging app Slack might be accumulating users quickly, but the government doesn’t seem too interested in all of those users’ messages.

“Hard as it is to believe, to date Slack has not received a single request for user data or a single content removal request,” Anne Toth, Slack’s vice president of people, policy, and compliance, wrote in a blog post today.

Slack’s new transparency report, indeed, is all zeroes: Zero user data requests from governments, zero legal data requests, and zero content take-down requests.

But that could change.

Slack last month revealed that it had raised a $160 million funding round at a $2.8 billion valuation, with more than 750,000 daily active users. The app launched in February 2014.

“At our rate of growth, we know this won’t be the case forever or even for very much longer,” Toth wrote.

And Slack has an increasing number of competitors, including Quip and Jive Software.