Just when you think the on-demand services gold rush is over, and that the last little inconvenience in modern urban life has been managed for a fee, another upstart group of young, ambitious entrepreneurs thinks of one more.

Omni is a 9-month-old San Francisco startup that stores your extra stuff for you, makes a glamour shot of each item, then presents you with a sharp-looking catalog of said items in an app. Then, when you need to get something out of the warehouse, you just choose it from the app and the thing is delivered to you.

Say you’re going camping and you need your tent and your hiking boots. Choose the items in the app and they’re delivered. And Omni is happy to re-store the stuff when you get back.

Omni charges a $5-per-month membership fee, then a $0.50 storage fee for small items and a $10 fee for larger items. There’s a $5 fee to have an item delivered, plus $0.50 for each item being returned, no matter the size. Pick-ups are free, the company says.

Anything that’s alive, perishable, or explosive Omni won’t store. And any items that are too big to be carried by one person is also a no-go, so a set of barstools is no problem, but not a bed or couch.

Omni has launched its service one high-rise apartment building at a time in San Francisco. It’s already covered some 40 buildings, a source said. Presumably the plan is to fully test the concept, then move the service to more buildings in more cities. It will likely target high-priced, high-density urban areas like New York and Boston.

Omni has 19 investors, including Formation8 and Darling Ventures, according to Angel List. The individual investors include ex-LinkedIn VP of business development Ellen Levy and Golden State Warriors power forward David Lee.

The founders are serial entrepreneurs Tom McLeod (CEO), Aaron Wiener (COO), and Adam Dexter (CSO), none of whom returned VentureBeat’s calls for an interview.

Disclosure: Formation8 is an investor in VentureBeat