Infinit, the Techstars alumnus that’s setting out to become the ultimate file-transfer app, has unveiled the first stage in its plans to make money: premium and enterprise plans.

Infinit’s slick, cross-platform file-transfer app sits in a crowded space alongside the likes of WeTransfer and Dropbox. But Infinit’s main selling point is that it cuts out the cloud to help you send files across the Internet directly between users — it’s peer-to-peer (P2P), and doesn’t require uploading or downloading between servers, thus making it quicker. Although anyone can use Infinit, it’s pitched at creatives who have large digital files to share.

Infinit - GetaLinkThe broader Infinit service does lean on the cloud, however. For example, there’s a “Get a Link” option, which sends a file to Infinit’s servers and instantly gives the user a link that can be shared with groups of people — this could be a screenshot, photo, or any other content. And it’s this that Infinit is now looking to monetize.

While the P2P element remains free and unlimited, users will be restricted to 1GB of online storage — but they can unlock an additional 1GB for every friend they refer to the service. After that, they’ll have to pay $10 a month to unlock 100GB worth of storage on the premium plan, though there is also a “customized” pricing option aimed at larger enterprises which offers more.

Other benefits of the premium plan include being able to set an expiration date for links that you share, create customized backgrounds on the download pages, and even set up a customized domain. It’s basically a white label service.

Additional features will be added soon, too, including embeddable links, commenting, and analytics.

Alongside these new plans, Infinit has also launched its app for Linux, which means it’s now available on all common mobile and desktop platforms. Plus, all of Infinit’s desktop apps now let you create keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots  — in your Infinit account settings, you stipulate which key-combination you’d like, and when you action that, a link is automatically created on your clipboard which can then be pasted anywhere.

Based out of Paris, France, Infinit has raised just north of $2 million in funding to date, including a $1.8 million round last May.