Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy — the guy who bent an iPhone 6 with his bare hands — has a new video out saying that the forthcoming iPhone 6s is significantly less bendable.

The new video compares the shell of the iPhone 6 with what he claims is the shell of the new iPhone 6s. He doesn’t actually do a side-by-side bend test, but rather points out that the new iPhone 6s shell has some key design improvements that make it stronger.

Most importantly, Apple has strengthened the metal in the inner wall of the iPhone 6s’s back plate around the volume buttons — the place where the iPhone 6 was shown to bend. The screws that hold everything together are also in different places inside the phone.


Apple has reportedly asked its suppliers to make enough parts for 85 to 90 million iPhones, the number it believes it can sell by year end.