Song-tagging and recognition platform Shazam is opening its artist verification program to all artists today, after a two-month pilot phase.

The London-headquartered company is best known for its mobile app that lets users identify songs playing in the background simply by holding their phone up to the audio — it has more than 100 million users globally. Funded to the tune of $125 million, Shazam has a history of branching out into other media realms, including TV.

In its quest to become a more holistic app for music fans, the company introduced its verified artists initiative with 30 artists back in June, kicking off with big names such as One Direction,¬†David Guetta, Sam Smith, and Alicia Keys. The feature lets fans follow their favorite artists to see what they are “Shazaming,” letting anyone get a glimpse into what music musicians¬†are listening to.

Now, with 1.4 billion followers in total across the initial arsenal of artists, anyone can apply to become a verified artist.