Twitter today announced the release of a new tweet composer for its TwitterKit package of mobile app development tools. The tool will allow mobile app developers to show users previews of tweets they write from within third-party apps.

That way, users can be sure the tweets look just the way they want. And that should lead to more sharing and impressions.

App developers who buy into this new tool can help their apps become more widely used. Each of the tweets sent out from within other apps will feature a new Install button. If an app is already installed on the person’s mobile device, that can change to¬†an Open button.

Such functionality could increase the appeal of Twitter as a social network worth integrating into mobile apps. It’s mutually beneficial, because it could expand Twitter’s reach at a time when the company is under pressure to grow.

Twitter is also going further and launching a new pilot program aimed at helping businesses add call-to-action buttons aimed at promoting app downloads. Called Twitter App Spotlight, it’s aimed at connecting the traditional online strategy (Twitter’s profile pages) with the mobile space (apps). Katja Nelson, manager of Twitter’s mobile app sales strategy, announced the news today at Twitter’s Flight developer conference in San Francisco.

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Ken Yeung contributed reporting.