Google today announced that it has acquired Bebop, a very stealthy startup founded by VMware cofounder Diane Greene.

Greene is now the head of all of Google’s cloud businesses, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai wrote in a blog post on the news.

“Bebop is a new development platform that makes it easy to build and maintain enterprise applications. We think this will help many more businesses find great applications, and reap the benefits of cloud computing,” Pichai wrote.

Greene is no stranger to Google. She has served on its board of directors for the past three years.

Cloud is strategically important to Google. Google Apps are key, but also increasingly the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure as a service, which competes with market leader Amazon Web Services. Now Google has a true cloud executive to be public about the company’s commitment to the cloud market.

Back in early 2014, Google infrastructure executive Urs Hölzle said the company could imagine that cloud revenue could be as big of a business as online advertising. Speaking at the Structure conference in San Francisco yesterday, Hölzle reiterated the sentiment. Today the company has at the very least a higher-profile leader to help realize that vision.

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