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Mobile app developers are fighting a fearsome battle everyday. As mobile continues to be second nature for us, publishers are releasing countless new apps on a daily basis — almost 1,500 a day are added to Apple’s App store alone. However, only a few will gain the undivided attention of the public.

In competing in such an overcrowded market, it’s understandable why some companies are relying on non-organic app installs in order to better their chances. These can include offering in-game incentives — like virtual goods or extra game content — or using bot farms and other paid services to reinstall your game until it hits the desired ranking on the iOS store. As tempting as these methods might be, they don’t beat the efficiency of good old-fashioned organic installs.

Much like the debate between paid advertisement versus owned channels, non-organic installs will only result in a temporary rise of users. Users who are persuaded to download your app for virtual bribes rarely stay committed — often deleting the app after receiving the goods. And the use of bot farms are generally frowned upon, as Apple has cracked down on any company using any method of app manipulation. These methods only focus on the short-term goal, without considering the long run. To ensure your app will be downloaded and used by users long-term, you must develop an honest relationship with them.

Not convinced? In VentureBeat Insight’s report on app optimization, we found that 70-80 percent of all mobile app installs occur organically. Additionally, the majority of these organic app installers are among the most valuable customers in terms of lifetime value, user engagement, and customer life cycle. And while 85 percent of app marketers said paid user acquisition efforts benefited organic, only a third said the boost was significant.

Financially speaking, strategizing on organic installs is also cheaper than paying for non-organic campaigns.

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Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat

Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

Sponsored by NativeX who specialize in helping developers meet their ASO (chart and keyword ranking) goals