Email marketing is the undisputed marketing ROI leader, the preferred channel for your customers—so why are you losing money?

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Consumers are getting fed up with the barrage of irrelevant marketing messages cluttering up their inboxes, and marketers are losing their opens, their click-throughs, and their subscribers in droves.

VB Insight analyst Andrew Jones dug deep into the problem. His VB Insight Report, “Becoming an email personalization powerhouse”, builds on survey data from 756 marketers and 33 vendors, plus analyst interviews with 14 vendors and email experts.

The news isn’t great: Not only are click-through-rates declining, but more than 50 percent of people unsubscribe from lists because of irrelevant content. That badly damages your reputation score — and your overall email deliverability — and means an average loss of 60 percent of future lifetime value (LTV), according to AgilOne.

Harnessing the power of email personalization

But, overwhelmingly, the data shows that email personalization is the answer. Email personalization dramatically increases open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and revenue.

Plus, Experian Marketing Services discovered that subscribers who receive personalized content have not only higher opens and CTR, but a 6x increase in transactions.

Data from personalization vendor Rich Relevance agrees: Average customer email click-through rate is 2.5 times higher using personalization. Even better — revenue is, on average, 5.7 times higher.

So why are email marketers leaving money on the table?

The challenges of email personalization

Email personalization is complex. Unsurprisingly, lack of data is the biggest hurdle.

As Lytics CEO James McDermott says, “I have not talked to anyone who is not thinking about changing their email system… but no matter how many times you switch, the problem isn’t in the tool, it’s in the data.”

Many companies don’t necessarily know who they’re talking to, or who their best customers are, says Yesmail’s Director or Marketing Ivy Shtereva.

However, marketers are often just simply unaware of the scope of the data they already have, but aren’t using.

The personalization efforts that marketers are already undergoing — for instance, adding dynamic fields for names — are unsophisticated, and just the bare minimum. While these minor tweaks can have a demonstrable impact on open rates, without leveling up your personalization, you’re indisputably leaving money on the table.

And that’s where our live webinar, “Building your email personalization powerhouse,” comes in. Join our analysts and a panel of noted experts in a discussion of our in-depth VB Insight report. You’ll learn more about the strategies of industry leaders, the pros and cons of the top personalization tools, and how you can move beyond one-off tactics to continually increase the sophistication of your personalization techniques.

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Stewart Rogers, Analyst, VB Insight

Monica Zent, CEO, Foxwordy

Matt Olsen, CMO, Firehouse Subs


Kevin Michael Gray, Founder, ApproveMe


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

More speakers to be announced.