The BBC will make broadcasting history this weekend when it livestreams a rugby match to the International Space Station (ISS) 400 kilometers above Earth — this marks the first time the BBC has ever broadcast live to space.

The request was made by the European Space Agency (ESA) on behalf of Tim Peake, the British astronaut who has called the ISS home since mid-December. Tomorrow marks the opening of the annual Six Nations Championship, with Scotland facing England in the inaugural game — and Peake won’t miss a minute.

“We’ve always tried to push the boundaries of broadcasting at the BBC, and streaming to space is an exciting first for us,” explained Philip Bernie, head of TV Sport for the BBC. “We knew Tim was a massive rugby fan and now he can join the rest of the nation watching Scotland v England in the Six Nations.”

As Peake prepares to watch 30 athletes battle for the prestigious Calcutta Cup, the astronaut is also preparing for an epic athletic feat of his own — he’s currently training to become the first human to run a marathon in real time from outer space.


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