Twitter today is announcing an enhancement to its Crashlytics crash reporting tool. Once developers have turned on the Answers mobile analytics tool within Crashlytics, they can now receive special Velocity Alerts that are meant to stand out from all other alerts, because they’re probably the most important.

“Now … our system will proactively check to see if there is a statistically significant number of sessions that have ended due to a crash related to one issue on a particular build,” product manager Jason St. Pierre wrote in a blog post. “If so, we’ll let you know if that issue is a hot patch candidate and needs your attention immediately right on your dashboard.”

Crashlytics will also send an email and a push notification from the recently launched Twitter Fabric mobile app about a new Velocity Alerts, St. Pierre wrote.

Crashlytics is one of the pieces of Twitter’s Fabric development toolkit, and it has contributed to Twitter’s ascent into a key player in the mobile development toolchain since Twitter acquired it in 2013.

Twitter has also redesigned its Crashlytics notification emails in order to make them “more actionable,” St. Pierre wrote.