GitHub today announced the launch of Saved Replies, a feature that allows users to save messages that they commonly use to respond to pull requests and issues that other users file.

“This can save you a ton of time typing and posting the replies you use most frequently,” GitHub employee Ayman Nadeem wrote in a blog post on the news.

There are some tools you can use to create and paste text, but this is inside of GitHub natively. All you have to do is push a button at the top of the text box to get at a saved reply.

Saved Replies is the newest thing GitHub has come out with to ease the process of dealing with issues, and pull requests in particular. GitHub rolled out templates for them last month.

These launches follow the Dear GitHub open letter complaining about problems with the service, which now has more than 14 million users. The letter specifically mentioned problems with issues and pull requests.

Documentation for Saved Replies is here.