The second in our 30-minute series on mobile marketing focuses on user acquisition — not only getting them, but turning them into loyal advocates and influencers. Join VB’s Director of Marketing Technology, Stewart Rogers, and EasyTaxi’s CMO Paul Malicki, for this next installment on slaying the mobile marketing challenge.

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Everyone uses mobile apps, but not all mobile apps are for everyone. Many apps fail to take off, leading to loss in revenue and sharp declines on the iOS App Store and Google Play charts. App makers are not only facing stiff competition from big-name apps like Facebook or Snapchat, but are hurdled by consumers not having enough time, money, and memory space for each new app released. As the 2015 statistics from Business of Apps showed, three is the top number of apps people use the most, based on 78 percent of smartphone app users and 77 percent of tablet app users.

Still, we all know there’s an appetite for apps that enhance users’ overall experience whether it’s in added utility, entertainment or connection to the world. And it is possible for marketers to win over users to their mobile apps, as long as they don’t fall for poor tactics like random in-your-face ads. In part two of our Mobile User 30-minute series, we’ll talk about how to win over the mobile-savvy user, from localization to custom content, and applying data and user intelligence to your advantage.

We’ll explore the benefits of mobile personalization for building your brand and audience. The recent success of JD Williams is a great example of what effective mobile personalization can do for your business, as the online retailer saw an 18 percent increase in new visitor conversion within the span of two weeks. Other noteworthy statistics include an overall conversion uplift of 8 percent, a 12 percent increase in revenue per session, a 4 percent rise in add to basket, and an average order value increase of 5 percent.

We’ll explore in-app ads which are rapidly gaining strength as a key acquisition tactic. In-app advertising is expected to reach $17 billion by 2018 as predicted by Juniper Research. Why the dramatic rise in budget? In-app ads can yield a 20 percent engagement and 2,000 percent higher click-through, ad-app company MediaBrix found. Social media site Twitter also found success with in-app advertising, reporting 186 percent higher click-through rates for advertisers that bought ad space inside the 580 new apps that launched in the Q3 of 2015.

But keeping users post acquisition is an even bigger challenge, and too many fail to pay enough attention to nurturing users once they’ve downloaded an app. This VB Live event will dive deeper into vital strategies for jumpstarting your mobile app user campaign, and turning users into high-value customers.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Personalize without being creepy
  • Utilize in-app ads without losing customers
  • Turn loyal customers into influencers
  • Create effective feedback loops that are simple and easy


  • Paul Malicki, CMO, EasyTaxi
  • Eric Grosse, CEO of Chairish
  • Trenholm Ninestein, Senior Product Lead Mobile, Virgin PulseTrenho
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat