Australian startup Nura has unveiled headphones that can adapt to your ears. The company is announcing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to build the headphones.

The Melbourne-based company says that its headphones can measure your ears by digitally monitoring your response to sound. With this data, the headphones then adjust the sound produced to match your hearing.

Kyle Slater, cofounder and CEO of Nura, said in a statement that the new method is unique in design and execution.

“We have developed a leapfrog technology,” he said. “No other headphones on the market can tailor sound to how you hear. Once you use the headphones, you’ll be blown away by the detail. Some people are noticing entire instruments in their favorite songs for the first time.”

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Slater said, “We can’t wait to get the product in the hands of music fans. We have been testing the product with musicians and music producers and the feedback has been incredible.”

The headphones are designed for comfort and have dual isolation, which prevents sound coming in or going out during use.

The Nura team is currently participating in the Hax hardware accelerator in China.