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Launched just six months ago as a hosting platform and bot development company, Beep Boop today announced that it would focus exclusively on developing and integrating bots for Slack. The shift reflects Slack’s growing importance to the workplace — the team communications app is used by at least 77 of the Fortune 100 companies. It’s also not the first time a nascent startup has altered course in response to a burgeoning market.

Speaking today at MobileBeat 2016, Mike Brevoort, founder of Beep Boop, described the emerging opportunity to help businesses get more from Slack. “There is tremendous potential to leverage Slack as an application development platform to create custom, lightweight workflows in organizations to efficiently tie together multiple data sources, events, and human interactions in context,” he said.

Beep Boop is geared toward helping Slack bot developers. The company’s tools allow multiple collaborators to write integrations in the language or framework of their choice. Further, Beep Boop will continue to offer hosting for Slack integrations and will, through a process called continuous deployment, automatically update the custom bots to reflect customers’ changing workflows.

This screnshot shows Beep Boop provides development tools for Slack integrations

Above: Beep Boop provides development tools for Slack integrations.

Image Credit: Beep Boop

The company’s offering fits into an overall enterprise computing trend of pushing actionable data closer to end users in a single app. “For companies that aren’t finding what they need with off­-the­-shelf bot or integration products, Beep Boop offers the support and infrastructure to create transformative, tailored software,” said Brevoort. “We hope to become the go-­to custom Slack integration platform for the enterprise.”

Ultimately, Beep Boop hopes to provide simple-to-use tools to enable anyone to create, launch, and manage custom data-driven workflows, missions, and applications within Slack. The company is a Robots and Pencils venture, with offices in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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