Digital marketing platform DMscore announced today that it raised a $2.5 million seed investment to launch its first marketplace.

The Palo Alto-based startup aims to help local professional services improve their digital marketing strategy — you know, those lawyers and doctors you see on T.V. after 2 am on your local stations. The marketplace will first target Philadelphia lawyers, but it hopes to expand to lawyers, doctors, and surgeons all over the country.

DMscore sends its potential users a “score,” using artificial intelligence to rank their marketing skills in comparison to their local competitors. Then, users can navigate DMscore’s marketplace to match their marketing and advertising needs to an agent who can help them improve that score.

With 23 marketing companies on board, DMscore says it has 150,000 people in its database. Each of those potential customers will receive their scores, and if if they decide to continue with the service, they can track that number and rate the marketing professional in the marketplace à la Uber — for $99 a year.

To gear up for the launch, DMscore hired Rand Schulman, cofounder of the Digital Analytics Association, as CEO.

“Having been involved in marketing analytics for twenty years,” said Schulman, “I always felt the solutions were too complex, and adoption has been a challenge for the industry. With DMscore, we have simplified the complex, and created a solution that professionals can use to quickly understand their digital marketing performance.”

Techspring Partners, SLO Seed Ventures, and a group of early-stage angel investors participated in the round.

Correction 11:56 a.m. PT: DMscore has 23 marketing companies on board, not marketing staffers.

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