Music video service Vevo announced today a new feature that lets users turn any 5-second clip of a music video into an animated GIF.

The GIF-making tool is available only on desktop for the moment, but will be soon available on the company’s revamped mobile app. The new feature is the latest step in Vevo’s strategy to make itself more of a destination for users and create more independence from the network of YouTube channels that were the source of its initial success.

Earlier this year, Vevo announced a redesign that allowed users to create their own profiles on the service, as well as a new Vevo player for smartphones and a personalized video feed. With the GIF-maker, the company is hoping to promote greater interaction in a way that allows user to express themselves, a Vevo spokesperson said.

It also adds a touch of viral marketing as users share their animations across their social networks. Now when playing a Vevo video, there’s a “GIF” button on the screen. A user clicks that, and then a slider appears that allows them to select the 5 seconds of video they want and add some text.

From there, the GIF can be downloaded or shared directly across social media.