Cypress Semiconductor has announced a new version of its WICED platform to make it easy for developers to create wireless Internet of Things applications, or those that make everyday objects smart and connected.

The WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) platform was originally created by Broadcom and acquired by Cypress this summer. The platform provides a single development environment for multiple wireless technologies, including Cypress’ Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and combo wireless solutions. The application programming interface (API) supports a range of cloud services and eliminates the need for developers to know all of the various wireless protocols. That saves on development time and costs, according to Cypress.

“Many IoT applications are trending toward combo solutions that enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and alternative connectivity protocols, and every IoT developer is looking for a simple migration path to connectivity upgrades,” said Mike Hogan, vice president of the IoT Business Unit at Cypress, in a statement. “Our new WICED Studio 4 development platform provides a single tool for designs with multiple wireless protocols, streamlining the design process and allowing our customers to get their innovative connected products to market faster.”

Cypress’ WICED Studio 4 connectivity suite is microcontroller (MCU)-agnostic and provides ready support for a variety of third-party MCUs to address the needs of complex IoT applications. The platform also enables cost-efficient solutions for simple IoT applications by integrating MCU functionality into the connectivity device.

Cypress is demonstrating the WICED Studio 4 SDK, along with its full portfolio of IoT solutions at the Electronic 2016 trade show in Germany.