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Instant messaging: the future of mobile marketing (VB Live)

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Instant messaging is poised to trounce email which has been, to date, the most effective marketing channel in terms of ROI. But not for long. Buoyed by the chatbot boom, the sheer number of instant message users makes it the channel to watch — and leverage. Join our latest VB Live event to learn how to successfully tap into a 2.1 billion-strong user base.

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So you have instant messaging: immediate, peer-to-peer communication — all of your contacts just a couple of taps away in your pocket.

Then you pair it with an almost Pavlovian response to that notification chime (which is also, to some, a signal of civilization’s decline): It goes off and your fingers twitch, ready to snatch your phone out of your pocket or off the table no matter what your situation, from dinner date to mid-work meeting. In fact, the average time from receipt to open is under three minutes.

And then you have the over 2.1 billion people using instant message platforms around the world, a number that’s supposed to grow to 3.6 billion by 2018. According to Juniper, in 2019, over 160 trillion messages will be sent yearly via instant message—or 438 billion messages sent every single day.

That is a hell of a potential market to tap.

So where is the marketing revolution? Where is the surge toward leveraging a channel that has more potential audience, more potential for brand-building, more opportunities for creating instant, one-to-one relationships than any other channel to date?

To date, instant messaging has really only been used as an advertising channel, pushing contextual messaging toward customers. But you are poised to take advantage of this opportunity to develop a channel that pulls your customers in, instead.

The intimate, immediate, content and context-heavy communication of instant messaging promises to surpass the already extraordinary ROI of email marketing. With IMs you have a brand new way to deliver a stunning variety of contextual, relevant, interactive personalized media and messages, and create conversations, engagement, and a deeply personal, personalized connection.

As technology evolves and produces bigger, more powerful communication tools and consumer behavior evolves to swallow those channels whole, they become an essential, inextricable part of the fabric of interaction. Your marketing approach has to follow, because you adhere to that basic marketing tenet: show up at the right place at the right time. And when you join this latest VB Live event, you’ll gain insight into how to deliver the right message and more.

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  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
  • Quinn Banks, Senior Mobile Marketing Manager, Farmer’s Insurance


Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat