Nuzzle is launching its GPS-enabled smart collar for pets to head off pet owners’ worst fear: coming home to discover that a pet is missing.

While other pet collars charge a monthly fee, Nuzzle is opting for the one-time fee of $190. Developed in partnership with design studio Ammunition, Nuzzle bills its product as the lightest, sleekest, and most accessible GPS-enabled collar for cats and dogs of all sizes. It’s one more example of products emerging from the Internet of Things, or making everyday objects smart and connected.

The American Humane Association estimates that over 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen every year in the U.S., while just one in 10 of them is ever found. Driven by a shared love for pets, Nuzzle was built by a group of technologists, designers, and retail experts to address this reality.

“The loss of a pet is a gut-wrenching experience that we want to prevent people from having to go through,” said Anthony Dubbaneh, cofounder and CEO of Nuzzle, in a statement. “Technology enables us to be better pet parents, and with Nuzzle, we’ve combined the best hardware with a seamless user experience to make this possible. Our subscription-free model represents our commitment to keeping pets safe, healthy, and happy at all times.”

Nuzzle is easy to use and offers a complete ecosystem for ensuring pets’ well-being. Nuzzle’s distinctive features include nationwide GPS tracking and connectivity at no additional cost.

The collar is durable and waterproof. It has an adaptable attachment that fits with any collar or harness. It is available in two sizes to fit any pet, large or small, and it is lightweight, at just under an ounce.

With Nuzzle’s connected iOS and Android apps, users can easily locate their pets, track activity, monitor for extreme temperatures, create geofences, and be immediately notified of any high-impact collisions — all in real time.

Nuzzle also integrates pet insurance into the wearable experience to provide pet owners with a holistic solution. With the mobile app, users receive instant, hassle-free quotes through Embrace Pet Insurance and can manage policies and claims. Users can also store emergency contacts and their pet’s medical history records.

“When we created Nuzzle, it was always about delivering more than just a well-designed, usable collar, but also a service that is genuinely useful for pet owners,” said Robert Brunner, founder of Ammunition and cofounder of Nuzzle, in a statement. “Nuzzle is different because it combines a beautiful piece of hardware with a simple, straightforward way to help people get pet insurance and take better care of their animals.”

Nuzzle raised $3.8 million in seed financing. Last year, 458 backers helped bring the product to life by supporting Nuzzle through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Nuzzle is now fulfilling these orders in tandem with the consumer launch.