Siri is the go-to personal assistant Apple iOS users are proud to have and rely on. It had nearly no competition in the world of smartphones with its speed, clarity, and accuracy — until Google Assistant entered the picture and turned the tables.

On first glance, Siri and Google Assistant are very much alike. They do the same things, from setting reminders to accessing apps and answering random questions. They respond with similar speed, only a few milliseconds apart. They both start up pretty quickly too and can be monitored by speaking to them directly. This makes the battle highly competitive, and very hard to issue a verdict.

But on closer look, we were able to detect many substantial differences between these two of the best personal assistants to ever hit the market. Google has managed to develop its assistant to be much friendlier and chattier than Siri. Overall, it scores high and is expected to make its way into almost every Android smartphone in the future.

Check out the infographic below for further details on the face-off between Siri and Google Assistant. It will help you decide which suits your needs the most, although you really have a limited choice with Siri, as it won’t see a market other than iOS.

This post appeared originally at the Zlated blog.