A Microsoft employee today confirmed that the company has added support for shared calendars, a long-requested feature, in its Outlook app for iOS. The feature is also available on Outlook for Android, as well as Microsoft’s Calendar app for Windows 10.

It’s not complete, but the core functionality is live now, as Microsoft senior program manager Julia Foran explained in a post on Outlook for iOS’ UserVoice page. (Hat tip to MSPoweruser for reporting on the news.)

In order to view shared calendars on Android or iOS, you’ll need to share and accept calendars from Outlook on the web first, Foran wrote.

“If you’re sharing with edit access, at this point you’ll need to wait a little after initially accepting before you can edit the calendar,” Foran wrote. “The updates are only available for view & edit permissions and coming soon for delegated permissions. Those are the big things we’re finishing in addition to adding ability to share/accept from any Outlook application.”

Google Calendar for Android and iOS both let users view shared calendars, and Apple lets iCloud users share calendars through the Calendar app for iOS.

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Earlier this year Microsoft enhanced Outlook with the Interesting Calendars feature that was previously part of Sunrise.