CES 2017 is full of strange product hybrids. Sengled created one of these by putting a wireless speaker inside its Pulse LED lightbulb.

This is one of the weird artifacts of the Internet of Things, which is making everyday objects smart and connected. But Sengled believes this combo makes a lot of sense. The company showed off the bulb at CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

It’s always a pain to wire a home for surround sound, with a bunch of speakers positioned around an entertainment room to give you that sense of being immersed in a home theater.

Pulse lets you hide high-quality sound in plain sight. You can wirelessly control up to eight Pulse bulbs for whole home audio. A two-bulb set, with one master and one satellite bulb, costs $150.

Each Pulse has a JBL Bluetooth speaker built into it. The 1.75-inch speakes can blast 13 watts worth of sound.

What happens when the lightbulb burns out? That’s not supposed to happen for 25 years with the Pulse.

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