Now owners of Amazon Tap, Amazon’s only wireless smart speaker with Alexa inside, can use the device without pushing the button that gives the device its name, a company spokesperson has informed VentureBeat.

Starting today, hands-free mode can be activated by opening the Alexa app, going to Settings, choosing your device, and turning on hands-free mode. To mute the microphone, press and hold the play/pause button.

With the software update that enables hands-free mode for Tap also comes Echo Spatial Perception, which allows the device to function around other Alexa-enabled devices without all of them responding to an Alexa wake word.

In other Alexa news this week, on Tuesday Amazon announced that Alexa Voice Services (AVS) is now available in the United Kingdom and Germany. AVS has already been used to put Alexa inside Ford cars, Whirlpool washing machines, a Huawei smartphone, and other mass market devices.

On Sunday, Alexa rooted for the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.