Keep your tedious smartphone upgrades and awkward tablets. Roborace unveiled its autonomous race car today and it’s pretty wild stuff.

The company brought its four-engine, AI-powered, self-driving electric race car to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. Minds were blown.

The company has been doing much of the development work in public. Some basic specs: It’s a bit longer than a Forumula¬†One race car and has four 300kW motors. It can reach speeds up to almost 220MPH. The car uses sensors, two radars, five laser radars (LIDAR), 18 ultrasonic sensors, and six cameras. The data-processing system was built by Nvidia.

The exterior was designed by Daniel Simon, who did sign work for cars in Tron: Legacy, Oblivion, and Captain America. On stage, Simon said it was critical to have a car that looked thrilling to get people excited about the project and the prospect of robot racing cars.

The goal is to race it live one day, but the company couldn’t say when yet.