Nice Software, a company with high-performance computing (HPC) software that public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) acquired last year, today announced a significant software update that simplifies deployments on AWS infrastructure.

EnginFrame 2017, as the software is called, can now be run on top of AWS’ version of the Linux operating system, which is simply called Amazon Linux. Each cluster stands independently in a dedicated AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), data can be stored on AWS’ Elastic File System (EFS), users can be organized using the AWS Directory Service, and the service can be spread out using AWS’ Application Load Balancer feature, AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post. And everything starts with an AWS CloudFormation template accessible from Nice’s website.

“These managed services allow you to focus on your workloads and your work. You don’t have to worry about system software upgrades, patches, scaling of processing or storage, or any of the other responsibilities that you’d have if you built and ran your own clusters,” Barr wrote.

Microsoft Azure, the No. 2 cloud provider, directly behind AWS, sought to enhance HPC offerings through its 2014 GreenButton acquisition. Google, IBM, and Oracle also offer cloud infrastructure.

In addition to the new features, Nice has introduced a new license type for testing out EnginFrame on AWS, according to the release notes.

EnginFrame 2017 can still be deployed in companies’ on-premises data centers.