Elon Musk’s massive bet on reusable rockets could finally pay off tonight.

SpaceX has successfully landed eight rockets since 2015, Reuters reports, but Musk’s company has yet to repurpose them. He argues, however, that doing so will transform space travel, dramatically reducing costs.

SpaceX’s site says a Falcon 9 rocket launch currently costs the company $62 million. Musk aims to cut this price by nearly a third by recycling the first stage of the rocket.

Last April, SpaceX successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket booster on a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. Now that same rocket booster is scheduled to be reused today sometime after 3:27 p.m. Pacific (6:27 p.m. Eastern) to launch a commercial satellite into orbit for satellite operator SES.

Weather permitting, you can watch the launch live via the video above and on SpaceX’s site.