Amazon’s Alexa is now able to communicate with Google G Suite calendar accounts, according to an Amazon spokesperson. The integration means G Suite users may now ask questions like “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?” or “Alexa, add lunch with Kanye at 2 p.m. to my calendar.”

The integration today is part of what has been a steady push by Amazon to connect business calendars with Alexa. Last month Amazon announced that tens of millions of Office 365 calendar users can connect with Alexa. Two months ago Alexa integrated with calendars.

A series of Alexa skills have been made to bring the intelligent assistant into the workplace. Teem uses Alexa for conference room scheduling. One integration for Hipchat incorporates a smart lightbulb to alert sales teams to give periodic progress reports and give security teams a way to monitor server activity. SkipFlag‘s Rover analyzes conversations companies have in team chat to unearth insights that can be asked via Alexa.

Custom links between email and Alexa can also be created with IFTTT applets.