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Even in the paperless digital future of our dreams, paperwork needs to be signed. The White House has the autopen. Plebes like us, without access to the fancier sort of remote robot arms, have been either resorting to the print, sign-by-hand-like-a-medieval monk and scan back in method — or copying and pasting JPGs of our signatures if we fancy ourselves a little more technologically advanced.

But to deliver the true paperless future that will bring us one step closer to the singularity event, we need a way to create legally binding digital signatures that are also satisfyingly effortless.

Eversign proposes to take us there with their document management suite, which features secure authenticated eSignatures, plus secure document editing and storage, templates, automatic audit trails, contract management, along with integration into major apps like Salesforce and Dropbox from a single dashboard.

eSignatures made eAsy

“After your first digital signature,” the makers of Eversign say, “you will never want to go back.”

And the beautiful spiral of addiction starts at the dashboard, when you set up your signature and initials.

You can start by uploading that JPG you keep on the desktop. The more fun option is to make a brand new one inside the Eversign platform by typing or drawing your own — use the mouse or touchpad to spend endless frustrating minutes drawing one, or swap over to your mobile device to draw on your touchpad.

Hate your handwriting? Eversign understands. The system can generate the fancy signature that really matches your personality and brand.

And all of these eSignatures, made by eversign or created by your own hand, meet all the security and authentication requirements in the United States and Europe, making your documents legally binding and enforceable in a court of law, should that occasion ever arise.

Collect digital Hancocks

So now you need to send out a document and have it signed electronically. You can upload PDFs, .docx, .txt, .png, .jpg, and .ppt files into Eversign’s editor via the dashboard. You get to enter the names and email addresses of signees, plus add an optional intro message appended to the email notification.

Input fields aren’t restricted to signature requests. You can also add text fields for date, email, title, and other data, plus customizable drop-down menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes for all the specialized info you need to gather.

When recipients click on their email notification, they’ll be taken to a document viewer and all the built-in tools for signing: typing, uploading or drawing. If you need an in-person signature, hand over the mobile device and they can sign while you stare at them, making them slightly uncomfortable.

Contacts, templates and teams (oh my)

 Have a roster of people you need signatures from on the daily, or a document you need to keep sending? You’ve got a built-in contact manager that makes it a snap to drop those names in any doc you need signed. And then the templates feature stores settings for the documents that go out regularly.

The team members feature lets you delegate that kind of busywork, with customizable-access accounts for employees to create and send documents on your important (and/or busy) behalf.

Storage is for closers

Q: What would a document-focused app be without cloud storage integration?
A: Useless and behind the times. Eversign is not that. You can back up and store your docs in all the usual places, including Google Drive, Dropbox, box, Evernote, and OneDrive. Eversign is committed to security, encrypting all your data with 256-bit SSL. You can also add an auto-expire to any doc for that James Bond this-message-will-self-destruct-in-ten-seconds type of secure feeling.

Good for what audits you

Do you need to know where your document has been and where it is now? Eversign offers a complete audit trail for every internal and outgoing contractual business transaction, with names, email and IP addresses, and time stamps. It’s securely stored on Eversign’s servers, and meets compliance standards when the external auditors come knocking, looking for every instance where important contracts or agreements are touched. 

Free sounds good

Want to try it before you buy it? There’s a free option, for one team member and up to five documents a month. Monthly paid plans add more team members, unlimited documents, templates, advanced app and API integration, and dedicated support.

Learn more about eversign business plans, from free plans to enterprise.

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