GoPapaya helps you decide where to eat by rewarding you with up to 40% off for arriving within 30-45 minutes


GoPapaya launched a new feature today that provides last-minute offers of up to 40% off takeout orders at nearby restaurants. While GoPapaya had previously allowed restaurants to use last-minute offers to attract diners to fill their empty tables, GoPapaya is now also allowing restaurants to drive additional takeout business during slower times.

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GoPapaya app (Photo: Business Wire)

GoPapaya app (Photo: Business Wire)

The startup app launched in 2016 to help restaurants, which have very high fixed costs, attract additional business during slower times. The app has significantly grown over the past year and now has over 85 partner restaurants in the Greater Boston area. GoPapaya helps diners decide where to eat by presenting personalized real-time offers from nearby restaurants during off-peak times or when restaurants happen to have extra availability. For years, hotels and airlines have been offering last-minute savings when they have availability, and now restaurants can do the same.

“We’re excited about our expansion to takeout given all the interest we have been hearing from our users. We are now helping make even more last-minute dining decisions fun and easy,” says GoPapaya co-founder Marik Marshak. “GoPapaya is now seeking to raise a seed round to further propel growth here in Boston and beyond.”

How GoPapaya Works:

  • Hungry? Find restaurants in your area providing last-minute offers of 10-40% off your entire bill for takeout orders or last-minute reservations
  • Reserve an offer and arrive within 30-45 minutes, without any need to prepay
  • Check in and be seated or pick up your takeout order
  • Enjoy your meal and receive the percentage off your entire bill (there is no fine print)!

About GoPapaya:

GoPapaya launched in May, 2016, and is a mobile app helping restaurants bring in more business during slower times using personalized real-time incentives. They are using patent pending machine learning algorithms to both optimize and personalize the special offers provided by restaurants. GoPapaya has grown to having a network of more than 85 partner restaurants in the Greater Boston area. The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store. Learn more about GoPapaya at, or connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Zach Weiss