MobileBeat 2017 is not here for the dreamers — it’s built by the doers. And this year they’re getting the spotlight, too. We’re offering the MobileBeat stage to the established brands that aren’t resting on their laurels — the ones who have plunged head-first into hands-on, results-oriented, ROI-blasting AI, while everyone else is still standing on shore.

Sound like you?

Then let us know and you may get a spot in the lineup. In this dynamic breakout session, we’re going to showcase six major brands that are getting real traction with AI, machine learning, personalization, or any other innovation you’ve got up your sleeve. We want to showcase the biggest, boldest risks you’ve taken and the real-world impact you’re making.

You’ll get five minutes to demonstrate how you’re at the forefront of the AI charge, and why your company is a force to be reckoned with in a thoroughly disrupted marketing ecosystem.

AI is already here, pushing forward intelligent assistants, bots, smart voice, personalization and more. And at MobileBeat 2017 you’ll be standing right next to the industry giants from all over the globe who have found the key to turning innovation into ROI, including CocaCola, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook and more.

MobileBeat 2017 is the place to meet, greet, and exchange ideas with thought leaders from the most disruptive brands with the biggest, boldest visions. And it’s the time for you to stand on stage and show the industry what you’ve got up your sleeve, too.

Apply here and please include “Brand Showcase” in your description.