VentureBeat is deeply rooted in Silicon Valley, with connections to the industry’s most innovative and compelling technology and brand leaders. For MobileBeat 2017, we’re bringing together the leaders and innovators, the vanguards who recognize AI and machine learning for the game changer it is.

For two intense days, July 11 and 12, they’ll share their learnings with an audience eager to ensure their company’s digital future, and to exchange ideas, make deals, and initiate partnerships.

Here’s the lineup of speakers we have in place who are passionate not only about the potential of AI, but about the real-world ROI they’re already reaping from it.

Facebook, Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Product for Messenger TripAdvisor, Adam Medros, SVP of Global Product
WalmartLabs, Laurent Desegur, VP of Customer Experience New York Times, Nick Rockwell, CTO
Airbnb, Mike Curtis, VP of Engineering Instagram, Thomas Dimson, Head Data Software Engineer
Pandora, Oscar Celma, Director of Research IBM, Rashmy Chatterjee, CMO, North America
Coca-Cola, Greg Chambers, Global Director DoorDash, Tony Xu, CEO
Lyft, Erbil Karaman, Head of Product Marketplace LinkedIn, Erran Berger, VP of Engineering
Square, Saumil Mehta, Customers Lead Amazon, Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of AI
Grubhub, Maria Belousova, CTO Postmates, Siqi Chen, VP of Product
Stubhub, Safia Ali, Director of UX Nordstrom Trunk Club, Justin Hughes, VP of Product
Trulia, Deep Varma, VP of Data Engineering eBay, Japjit Tulsi, VP of Engineering
Lowe’s, Kyle Nel, Executive Director, Lowe’s Innovation Labs Kayak, Matthias Keller, Chief Scientist
Nest, Michele Chambers Turner, General Manager Mezi, Swapnil Shinde, CEO, Jake Tyler, CEO Chairish, Gregg Brockway, CEO
ATB Financial, Dan Stern, Senior Manager of Innovation Delivery Layer, Ron Palmeri, Founder and CEO,
GoPro, Joe Bentley, VP of Engineering Forrester Research, Brandon Purcell, Senior AI Analyst
Qubit, Graham Cooke, CEO Insight Data Science, Jake Klamka, Founder
Kaggle, Anthony Goldbloom, CEO and Co-founder TGI Fridays, Sherif Mityas, Head Strategy and Brand Initiatives
Humana, Geeta Wilson, VP of Customer Experience Gap, Chris Chapo, VP of Customer Data and Analytics
KIA USA, Henry Bzeih, Managing Director of Connected and Mobility American Eagle Outfitters, Heather Bell, Innovation Product Manager
Dow Jones, Edward Roussel, CIO Sierra Ventures, Tim Guleri, Partner
Tumi, Charlie Cole, CDO Havas, Marc Maleh, Global Director
Valor Ventures, Lisa Calhoun, Founding Partner Nest, Lauren Von Dehsen, Head of HVAC and UX
PandoraBots, Lauren Kunze, CEO Microsoft, Tim Allen, Partner Global Design
OpenTable, Christa Quarles, CEO Verizon, Christian Guirnalda, Director of Open Innovation
Diane von Furstenberg, Felipe Araujo, Director of Ecommerce Instacart, Jeremy Stanley, VP of Data Science


The collective AI IQ of MB 2017 speakers is off the charts, really, and with you on board, the number will get more irrational and the insights can only grow.

If you register before July 8 with code GOLDEN-PO, you’ll also get 23.6 percent off tickets. We’d love to have you on board.