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Octane AI today announced the release of a new feature called Decision Data that tracks the performance of quick replies and buttons that bot users choose most often chatting with a bot.

“You get to see what people decide, and with that data you can more personalize and you can more target and you can build a better experience, and you can understand what people are deciding. And then you can write better conversations for your Octane AI bot,” cofounder Ben Parr told VentureBeat.

For people using bots to sell merchandise, Decision Data can also help determine which items are selling best.

Parr spoke today at MB 2017, a two-day gathering of bot and industry leaders held at Fort Mason in San Francisco, California.

“This is just the first step in a longer term plan … to make the communication you have with your customers more personalized, because how I feel right now about email marketing and all sorts of other marketing is it’s a one-to-many blast, and you’re just getting the same thing. But what if those conversations were personalized, if everyone had a completely different conversation? This is what we’re working towards,” Parr said onstage.

Octane AI launched last fall with bots for celebrities like KISS, Aerosmith, and 50 Cent.

Since launch, Octane has added other services, including Convos for bringing blog posts into a bot, and in April gained the ability to generate parametric scan codes.

Octane declined to share how many bots have been made with its platform, but at the Facebook developer conference in April, Octane was one of a little over two dozen companies mentioned as part of the fledgling bot ecosystem.

Earlier this year Octane.ai was one of the first 10 companies to join All Turtles, an AI startup studio made by Evernote creator Phil Libin together with cofounders Jon Cifuentes and Jessica Collier.