Google Cloud Search, the tech titan’s service for companies that want an easier way to find information inside their company, gained new capabilities today that will make it easier for people to find the files and details they need.

Cloud Search now understands natural language queries, so people can ask questions like “Who is Caitlyn’s manager?” and get an answer back in the same way they could from a Google web search. Users can also ask the system what files need their attention, and Cloud Search will find them files with unread comments or edits that might require intervention.

While this may not seem like much, Gartner said that questions with the words what, who, how, or when will comprise 30 percent of all enterprise search queries within the next year. Having a product that can answer those questions is important, especially since Google is competing with Microsoft for market share in the collaboration suite space.

This new feature comes more than a year after Google first unveiled Cloud Search to the world, back when it was called Springboard. Google and Microsoft are taking different approaches to helping their customers find relevant files and information.

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Microsoft offers Delve, a web-based application that shows users documents the company’s algorithms think are relevant.

The Google feature is available today for all customers who have a G Suite Business or Enterprise plan through the Cloud Search iOS, Android, and web apps.