Amazon is expanding its traveling “one item at a time” Treasure Truck to the U.K., more than two years after debuting the initiative in the company’s native Seattle.

The Amazon Treasure Truck is — as you might’ve guessed — a truck. And this truck travels through neighborhoods with a single, solitary product for sale. But the experience isn’t entirely offline — shoppers still have to visit the main Amazon mobile app to make the purchase, and then choose a suitable time to collect the item.

The Treasure Truck officially launched in Seattle in early 2016, and Amazon won a patent for its gimmicky idea back in January, before expanding across the U.S. a few months ago.

Above: Treasure Truck is coming to the U.K.

The U.K. launch is the Treasure Truck’s first international foray and will kick off in Manchester and London “several times a month,” according to a press release. It is expected to arrive in other cities across the country “soon.”

In terms of what kinds of goods you can expect, well, it can literally be anything, and it will change with each visit. It could be food, the latest must-have tech gadget, or items from local businesses.

Above: Treasure Truck: Examples

“We all remember the sense of excitement we felt as children when we heard the jingle of the ice-cream van, and we hope to bring that same feeling with Treasure Truck,” said Amazon Treasure Truck head James Quick. “Every product has been cherry-picked, from must-have Christmas presents to jaw-dropping offers, ensuring Treasure Truck will turn an ordinary day into something a bit more special.”

Naturally, the trucks have only so much space, so it’s a case of first come, first served. Those interested can text the word “truck” to 87377 (SMS) to receive alerts when the truck comes to town or sign up here for alerts.

The launch comes hot on the heels of a major global ecommerce extravaganza, with Amazon announcing that Cyber Monday was its biggest shopping day ever, in terms of number of items sold.