• PRYSMEX, finalist of CEMEX Ventures 2017 Startup Competition, is the company’s fourth investment.
  • The PRYSMEX solution was successfully tested and currently works in all of CEMEX Mexico’s cement plants.


CEMEX Ventures announced today that it invested in PRYSMEX, a Mexico-based startup that offers a solution capable of detecting and helping to prevent workplace accidents through the Internet of Things and real-time data collection.

PRYSMEX’s innovative solution features a web platform with a collaborative management app that monitors the environmental and geolocation variables of unsafe acts and conditions on customized 3D maps, enabling real-time decision-making and increased industry safety and productivity.

The solution marks a fundamental advance in health and safety for the construction sector. Through the Internet of Things, PRYSMEX enables a comprehensive analysis of data such as impacts, light and noise levels, locations, temperatures, and the presence of toxic gases, among others. Placed on the workers’ helmets, PRYSMEX devices monitor and communicate in real time users’ conditions, alerting them to potential situations and high-risk areas. In addition, its web application provides an analytical report of workers’ and plant conditions, enabling better workplace decision-making and accident prevention at all times.

CEMEX evaluated the solution, and after its successful trial period, installed PRYSMEX technological solution at all its cement plants in Mexico. In addition to CEMEX Ventures’ investment in the application, PRYSMEX will enjoy access to a wide-ranging portfolio of strategic industry contacts, fostering the execution of new projects in international markets. This solution offers CEMEX another important tool to promote its employees’ health and safety -its top priority.

Founded by chemical engineer Susana Ruiz and civil engineer Patricio de Villa in Monterrey, Mexico, PRYSMEX was the finalist of CEMEX Ventures Startup Competition 2017 and is now part of the company’s portfolio.

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