Joining a growing chorus of calls for a more balanced approach to innovation, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty spelled out her company’s philosophy around development of artificial intelligence and urged other developers to embrace those same principles.

Speaking at the Viva Technolgy conference today in Paris, Rometty said those principles include ensuring companies remember that data belongs to the person who created it, AI must be transparent and explainable, and it should be used to “augment human intelligence, not replace it.” She noted that this was how IBM Watson was designed.

In addition, the company annnounced a new “Call for Code” initiative that would use cloud, data, AI, and blockchain technologies to create systems that allow for better responses to natural disasters around the globeRometty said IBM would spend $30 million over five years to rally developers around this initiative.

Rometty spoke just after French president Emmanuel Macron made an impassioned call for tech companies to embrace their social responsibilities. She also attended Macron’s “Tech for Good” summit on Wednesday.

“At IBM, we fundamentally believe in the power of technology to make our world a better place to live, and to benefit the lives of the many, not just the few,” Rometty said in a prepared statement before her keynote. “We all have a responsibility to use innovation to make a difference, and through Call for Code our collective goal is to help people in need and build a better future.”