We’re looking for someone with experience in event content programming and speaker recruitment to help us expand our new BLUEPRINT event series.

The event series is part of our BLUEPRINT initiative announced last year, to foster greater economic opportunity and higher-paying job creation across the Heartland.

In March, we held our inaugural BLUEPRINT event in Reno, Nevada, where we were joined by more than 400 industry CEOs, economic development leaders, policy makers, and investors, and explored the foundational elements required to create a “blueprint” to help accelerate economic prosperity in the Heartland.

This position will be part-time, at least to start off with.

You will be responsible for selecting and recruiting key executives to invite to speak at our next BLUEPRINT events (to be announced shortly). You’ll work directly with myself, our VP of operations Lauren O’Brien, and other VentureBeat staff.

To apply, or for further information, please write to Jobs@VentureBeat.com with “Events Content Contractor” in the subject line.

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