Watching Bitcoin’s meteoric rise and somewhat inevitable fall can be understandably nerve-racking for cryptocurrency investors, and its relatively high buying point makes it difficult for those of us without massive bank accounts to take advantage of this new currency anyway.

But most leading financial and monetary experts agree that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, so current and future investors need to take this market seriously.

As the underlying technology that powers both Bitcoin and practically every other major cryptocurrency in the world, blockchain is what should lie at the center of any serious investor’s cryptocurrency education.

The 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle breaks down what can often be a complex and intimidating subject into 30 hours of easy-to-understand lessons that will help both financial experts and novices alike embrace this new and increasingly important technology, and right now the entire bundle is available for over 95 percent off at just $19.

This in-depth bundle contains eight courses that walk you through everything you need to know — from blockchain’s more philosophical elements to the nitty-gritty aspects that make it run.

You’ll start with an introductory course that teaches you about blockchain interactions and dependencies (along with crypto-economics and merkle trees), before moving on to modules that cover things like how to pick the best time to invest and how to create your own smart contracts and distributed applications.

There’s even course content that shows you how to construct your very own cryptocurrency from scratch using fundamental blockchain principles.

Don’t get left behind during the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolutions. The 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle will teach you everything you need to know for just $19 — over 95 percent off its usual price for a limited time.

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