Artificial intelligence can increase your leads and appointments by 50 percent, reduce costs up to 60 percent, cut call time up to 70 percent, and slash admin work by 40 percent. So why aren’t your sales teams totally AI-enabled? Learn more about how AI can help your salespeople take back their time and close the deal when you join this VB Live event.

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Sales leaders have an overarching goal: Make this quarter better than the last quarter. And closing more sales is the way to make that happen. That means nailing your forecasting, increasing the number of leads — and then upping your lead scoring, knowing when to offer a deal (and how far to go), cross-selling, up-selling, and more. And artificial intelligence is increasingly the fastest, smartest, and most cost-effective way to get there, in record time.

The number of forward-looking innovative sales leaders is growing, and they’re all-in on reinventing their whole sales strategy, and how they get ahead, by leveraging the business intelligence that AI brings to the table.

That means they’re hacking team workflows by automating menial tasks (up to 40 percent of your salespeople’s time can be taken back, when you add AI) and ensuring that every sales rep’s impact is equal to their undertaking.

AI applications can take over the grunt work of sales, and make it hundreds of times more effective, faster, and efficient. Cognitive agents with natural language processing abilities can take on the hard work surrounding leads, by initiating tens of thousands of contacts, qualifying them, following up and even sustaining the lead until it’s handed over to the closer.

And once a sales rep is handed an overflowing bucket of qualified potential customers, lead scoring becomes the most essential task to take on, because wasting time on unprofitable leads means an unprofitable quarter. AI can be a high-powered assist to a salesperson’s gut feeling, gathering up all the essential datapoints surrounding a potential client, from how long they’ve spent on them to what they’re saying on Twitter, all of which can help them rank the likelihood of closing, and keep them laser-focused on winning the prize.

Money never gets left on the table, when you’re employing an AI algorithm designed to determine the most effective discounts to offer — one that’s a win for both sides. A machine learning algorithm can sort through every previous deal that was won or lost, and sift for the most significant features, from the size of the deal to the size of the company, the product type to the sales target’s revenues, the power the decision-maker has and more. With that kind of intel, you’ll win the deal with the right discount at the right time, without getting gouged.

With data science insights, forecasting comes closer than ever to telling the future, allowing managers to predict a quarter’s revenue to a stunning degree of accuracy, and use that information to manage your inventory and resources better than ever.

Your lowest overhead, highest profit sale is always going to be to an existing customer. And looking at previous sales trends and other data significant signals, AI can help you determine who’s ready to level up their existing product or service, and who’s ready to expand their current collection. Upselling and cross-selling, backed by AI, makes revenue increase and marketing costs drop.

And how are sales reps doing? Sales managers can get a 360-degree view into every salesperson’s performance with AI, giving them insight into team performance, with a view of the customers on the hook, the ones that are getting away, and what kind of deals they’re landing. Who’s hitting their quota, and who needs a little encouragement? And making sales leaders more focused and more effective than ever before.

AI is changing the game for sales organizations, and it’s become a real competitive differentiator, too. To learn more about how AI is offering invaluable assists to sales leaders and their teams, how machine learning and data science can help make leads more lucrative, how to increase your competitive edge with AI and more, don’t miss this VB Live event.

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You’ll learn:

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  • How AI will improve forecasting accuracy
  • How AI will replace gut instinct with far better lead scoring
  • How AI can identify which clients will be easiest to both up-sell and cross-sell
  • How AI can identify best pricing and discounts for individual clients to avoid leaving money on the table

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