We’re looking for a skilled editor to lead our pioneering coverage of AI and machine learning.

VentureBeat has a thriving AI channel, and we believe AI is not only a revolutionary technology for business but one that can help solve a lot of the world’s biggest problems. Idealistic, you might say, but we are realistic idealists here at VentureBeat.

AI is disrupting every market — cars, health care, communications, and more — and has been aptly described as having more transformative potential than electricity, or even fire. As we head into a radically different age, companies are increasingly referring to themselves as “AI first.” But as we tap into these benefits, AI also presents huge challenges, including to fairness and privacy.

As VentureBeat’s Editor for AI, you’ll head up coverage for a team that is already shaping the conversation around AI. We want to keep adding depth, perspective, and organization to maintain the lead in this intriguing field. We’ll want you to do this strategically, making sure we are writing the most relevant, impactful news and analysis for our executive audience. You’ll have a wide mandate, contributing to the editing strategy of our wider editorial team and leading important initiatives, such as video and a budding community project. We’d also like you to help lead our guest post strategy, as we invite tech insiders, investors, and other thought leaders to contribute to our pages.

You should be familiar with AI, machine learning, and the major trends in the space, such as the rise of smart assistants and the various ML and AI projects companies are currently working on. You’ve used chatbots on your phone, and you already understand why an autonomous car makes sense. You love innovation and have three to five years experience assigning and editing articles that provide smart insights and fresh angles on current news. Above all, you know how to educate readers about why something matters. You’re eager to collaborate with a wider team, and you want to build a project that is No. 1 in the industry. You know when to dive in and do a wholesale rewrite and when to back off and simply buy a vowel or insert that mot juste.

Ideally, you’d work full time at our San Francisco headquarters, but we will also consider candidates who want to work remotely. Finally, it would be great if you love to read VentureBeat. Seriously, though, you should already read VentureBeat!

If you’re as excited as we are, please send a resume, desired compensation, and cover letter containing at least three links to your best clips (as editor) and three links to your best clips (as writer) to jobs@venturebeat.com.