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We’re living in the home automation revolution. From Amazon Alexa to Google Home and a string of other personal assistants, these intelligent devices can do everything from telling us the weather to order gifts on Amazon, and their functionality seems to be growing by the day.

The one thing most of these devices can’t do, however, is sound great while playing music. Some of the most well-known home assistants on the market skimp when it comes to bass response and high-end detail, which can force users to invest in a separate and expensive audio system.

Enter the Apple HomePod, which combines the unparalleled convenience and functionality of Siri voice commands with truly superb and unsurpassed audio quality. And right now it’s available for just $329, or $296 when you enter the coupon code HOMEPOD10 at checkout for an extra 10 percent off.

This compact and effortlessly sleek home automation system is everything you’d expect from Apple in terms of overall quality and responsiveness.

Engineered with state-of-the-art spacial awareness technology, this speaker adjusts its audio output based on the acoustics of the room it’s in, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard regardless of where you’re listening.

It features a deep yet articulated bass alongside crystal-clear highs and a detailed midrange, and you’ll be able to activate Siri even when music is playing at high volumes.

This compact speaker also features advanced signal processing technology that ensures everything you say to Siri will be understood regardless of ambient noise, and you’ll be able to easily control your music via AirPlay 2 or pair with another HomePod for added sound dimensions throughout your home.

Join the home automation revolution with a speaker that actually sounds great. The Apple HomePod is currently available for just $329, and when you enter the coupon code HOMEPOD10 at checkout you’ll knock another 10 percent off the price for a total of $296.

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