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The AI Hardware Summit, September 17 – 18, 2019 is the third in a global series focusing on the design, commercialization and implementation of AI hardware infrastructure, and will host 600+ attendees at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA. View 2018 highlights.

The first seven of over 40 speakers for this year’s summit were announced today, including two of the three planned ‘luminary’ speakers for the show. Hear from:

John L. Hennessy – Chairman: Alphabet Inc. & former President of Stanford University.

Lip-Bu Tan – CEO: Cadence Design Systems & President: Walden International.

Naveen Rao – Corporate Vice President, AI Products Group: Intel.

Kai Yu – Co-Founder & CEO: Horizon Robotics.

Kunle Olukotun – Co-Founder & Chief Technologist: SambaNova Systems.

Cheng Wang – Co-Founder & SVP of Architecture & Engineering: Flex Logix.

Thomas Andersen – Head of AI & Machine Learning Design Group: Synopsys.

Dr. Hennessy and Mr. Tan will form two of the three ‘luminary’ keynote speakers, specializing in hardware and investment respectively, while the third luminary, an AI specialist, is yet to be announced. Speakers for the AI Hardware Summit include technology leaders from chip companies, EDAs, hyperscalers, systems companies and end users, drawing on the full ecosystem of the AI hardware industry.

Topics for this year include:

  • ‘Training & Inference at Hyperscale’
  • ‘Beyond Compute: AI’s Impact on Memory, Storage & Networking’
  • ‘AI Accelerators in the Data Center Environment’
  • ‘Applications for AI Accelerators in Edge Devices’
  • ‘The Impact of Future ML Models on Hardware Design’
  • ‘AI Chip Design & Commercialization’
  • ‘AI Hardware Market Growth & Maturity: Financial & Industrial Analyses’
  • ‘Benchmarking & Metrics’
  • ‘The Commoditization of the Inference Market’
  • ‘VC Investment’
  • ‘Form Factors & Routes-To-Market’

Last year’s AI Hardware Summit, which sold out, hosted the launch of inference chip start up Habana Labs, and the organizers expect more product and company launches at the summit this year. The 2019 summit will be double the size and focus increasingly on the perspective of AI chip customers.

“Two overarching efforts are indispensable in this AI chip development frenzy: objectively evaluating and comparing different chips (benchmarking), and reliably projecting the growth paths of AI chips (road mapping).” White Paper on AI Chip Technologies: Tsing Hua University & Beijing Innovation Center for Future Chips, December 2018.

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