Medical peace of mind has become a major selling point for wearables, and there’s no more vulnerable community than senior citizens — adults who can generally live on their own, yet might require medical assistance at any given moment. Catering specifically to seniors, Best Buy subsidiary¬†GreatCall¬†today announced Lively Mobile Plus, an LTE-connected wearable that provides instant medical alert access, anywhere in the United States.

Lively Mobile Plus is a silver box with an attachment loop on the top and several different wearable options — a neck lanyard, a wristband, or a belt clip — plus the ability to be carried in a purse. The key design element is a single large button that can be pressed in emergencies or non-emergencies, now with twin speaker holes above it and a single microphone hole below it. With a monthly service plan, pressing the button connects the wearer to IAED-certified 5Star agents, who use the speaker and microphone to assess the situation and dispatch assistance; without the plan, the device dials 911 for assistance.

When used with the lanyard, Plus offers a fall-detection feature that can — if turned on — automatically call 5Star in the event of a sudden drop. The device also features IPX7 waterproofing so it can be worn in the shower, a not uncommon site for slips and falls.

A sequel to GreatCall’s first Lively Mobile device, Plus includes several enhancements that could make a big difference for ambulatory seniors. Using a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 1100 chip, the battery life has been increased to 80 hours between recharges with the included dock; that’s more than three days, compared with roughly two before. Plus also features higher-accuracy GPS location, and connects — without Verizon branding — to the nation’s “largest and most dependable” LTE network for nationwide assistance calls and location data.

Lively Mobile Plus doesn’t offer Apple Watch-style svelte design or computer-like expandability — common selling points of other rivals — but instead focuses on purpose-built functionality for seniors. Between the multi-day battery life, LTE, GPS, and wear-where-you-prefer design, it’s meant to help family members feel confident that a vulnerable senior will carry a tool that makes getting help or providing their location easy, even if they have memory or cognition issues.

Best Buy is currently offering Lively Mobile Plus for $50, bundled with its charging dock, belt clip, and lanyard. Service plans range from $20-$35 depending on the features customers want to include.