We knew it was coming, but Google and Amazon are officially friends again.

Starting from today, Chromecast and Android TV users will be able to access Amazon Prime Video, while Amazon Fire TV devices — including set-top boxes, sticks, and smart TVs — will receive the official YouTube app. Support for the separate YouTube TV and YouTube Kids apps will land on Amazon devices later in the year.

The big feud

By way of a quick recap, Amazon and Google’s feud has spilled into the public domain on numerous occasions over the past few years. Amazon kicked Chromecast off its retail website in 2015, alongside Apple TV, apparently because these devices competed with Amazon’s Fire TV and neither supported Amazon’s Prime TV streaming service. Amazon and Apple did manage to kiss and make up back in 2017, however.

In December, Amazon started selling Chromecast again, apparently laying the foundation for the official April announcement, which confirmed that the duo’s respective services would soon be made available on each other’s platforms.

As is often the case when competing companies lock horns, it’s the customer that gets caught in the crossfire. It has been possible to watch YouTube on some Amazon Fire TV devices through side-loading the app or accessing it through a browser, but it wasn’t an ideal scenario. And while many modern smart TVs already have the standalone Prime TV app, not everyone has a smart TV. This meant some viewers had to buy two devices, such as an Amazon Fire TV Stick and a Chromecast, to ensure they could access all their content on their big screen.

Amazon and Google’s partnership essentially fixes this problem.

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