As Google recently noted that today’s children are getting their first smartphones at the average age of 9, there’s clearly a growing demand for kid-friendly connected solutions. Hong Kong-based Doki Technologies is catering to that demand with today’s release of dokiPal, a 4G/LTE smartwatch made specifically for kids aged 5 and up. Unlike early kids’ smartwatches, dokiPal includes some features that aren’t found in most adult watches.

Rather than trying to make dokiPal tiny and thin, Doki uses a larger, plasticky form factor to house a camera for video calling and an extra-large 800mAh battery. The battery enables the cellular watch to deliver up to 48 hours of normal usage between charges, or 72 hours of standby time. Cellular service is only $10 per month in the United States and works with an included SIM in 50 countries thanks to a partnership with Telefónica. With self-supplied SIMs, the watch’s hardware is compatible with networks in 150 countries.

Since location tracking will be a critical concern for parents, the big battery is paired with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100 and a Broadcom GPS chip “for optimized location-tracking and reduced battery consumption,” using GPS, LBS, and Wi-Fi for triangulation. Externally, the blue or pink watch sports a 1.4-inch touchscreen covered in Gorilla Glass, and is IP68 water resistant.

dokiPal uses two types of software. Internally, it gives kids access to an integrated AI assistant called dokiAsk, powered by the COPPA-compliant service Kidsense. The company says this feature uses natural language processing capable of recognizing and responding to kids’ requests safely and appropriately. Standard smartwatch fitness and activity tracking features are also built into the device.

From afar, parents can use Doki’s smartphone app to create schedules that push task and event reminders to kids. They can also initiate video or voice calls to the watch, get notifications whenever a kid leaves an area, limit the list of other permitted callers to the watch, and set usage restrictions based on school times.

dokiPal is available for purchase today for $179. While the 4G/LTE hardware is included with the watch, the $10 cellular subscription is optional.