Dear VentureBeat Community,

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are closely monitoring developments and public health advisories that may impact our upcoming Transform 2020 conference, the leading event for business and technology leaders about how to implement AI in the enterprise.

At this time, Transform will proceed this July 15-16 in San Francisco, California. But we’ve decided to host Transform 2020 virtually as well, to provide the same networking benefits for people who want to attend digitally instead of physically.

For the physical portion of the event, we will take all necessary precautions in accordance with recommended CDC guidelines — we will supply face-masks, sanitizer, and wipes, and will also screen visitors at the door to make sure they have not visited high-risk areas in the previous two weeks, and reserve the right to turn away certain people at the door.

We recognize that developments are moving quickly and that it’s impossible to know exactly where things will stand in July.

But as the #1 publisher of AI news coverage, VentureBeat is committed to offering unparalleled online content and networking options to best recreate the value of in-person engagement. We hope this will allow AI innovators and leading executives from around the world to partake in Transform 2020 despite ongoing challenges surrounding the outbreak.

Indeed, we expect the digital options we’re planning may allow even more people to participate this year.

As part of our digital offering, attendees will be able to view livestreamed and recorded sessions, take part in networking sessions and digital roundtables, access our Transform expo partners virtually, participate in 1:1 meetings with world-class AI providers, and more. We’re excited to announce more in the coming days and provide a new way for the AI community to engage with VentureBeat and Transform 2020.

Like other event organizers, we are paying close attention and will be prepared in case postponing or cancelling the physical portion of Transform 2020 becomes necessary.

The health and safety of our VentureBeat community, attendees, employees, and sponsors remains our top priority. We will immediately update you should the event change so you can adjust your plans.

Thank you,

Matt Marshall

Founder & CEO, VentureBeat